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Simple markup to web-friendly presentations that look great on mobile and on the big screen.
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Simple markup to web-friendly presentations that look great on mobile and on the big screen. For a live demo see the tutorial input and the slides.

Miniprez is a command-line tool that turns special markup into slides. Create a file called with the following examples to follow along. Run miniprez to create a file named hello.html. View hello.html in your web-browser and make sure to refresh each time you re-compile your slides!


pip install git+git://


miniprez is a command-line utility. If you've written a text file named with your presentation compile it with


and if everything works, hello.html should be ready to go! Follow the examples below and dig into for more syntax usage. To continuously rebuild every 3 seconds add the flag --watch=3.


All slides are separated by ----. Hello world in miniprez looks like:

Hello world.

Let's add some style to it!

@h1 .text-landing Hello world.

The syntax to miniprez is pretty simple simple, each line is mostly independent of the others. The @ symbol creates a new html element and the . applies a class to that element, thus the first line becomes <h1 class="text-landing">Hello world.</h1>.

If you want tags to nest into each other, whitespace matters

   This is big text.
   @strong This is big bold text.

If all you want to do is create a div with a class you don't need to explicitly say @div, for example:

.text-landing Hello.

gives <div class="text-landing">Hello.</div>.

Inline markdown shortcuts that work too,

This is **bold**, this is _italic_, this is `code`, this is a [link](

The markdown is enhanced with emoji, font-awesome and math,

This is a :smile: and this is ::twitter:: and and equation $(a+b)^2$.

Lists can be made from either a combination of @ul and @li elements or simply

+ list item one
+ list item two
+ list item three

Columns can be built up from .grid and .column or use the shorthand for a column |

    | # Big title
| some text

Large code fences made from ``` and will be automatically code highlighted

for x in A:
    print (x**2)

Element arguments can be added with like this

@a(href="" id="foo")

With this syntax there are some additional elements miniprez has added

function name example options
@background @background(url="") .light .dark
@unsplash @unsplash(url=4mta-DkJUAg) .light .dark
@background_video @background_video(url="")
@button @button(href="") .ghost text after
@figure @figure(src="images/1/image18.png" height=200px) height caption text after
@line Horizontal Shortcut for hr

Libraries used:

(upcoming) features!

  • Custom tags (background, background_video, line, button, figure)
  • Code blocks
  • Background videos examples!
  • Nested divs
  • List support
  • Support for command line compilation
  • Embedding tools (convert project to monolith html)
  • Global options (font?)
  • Selectively load libraries (e.g. font-awesome & KaTeX) on use
  • Slide number URL


First presented at DC: Hack && Tell Round 41: Polka Sprockets.

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