A minimalist drawing library for making beautiful animations in python
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A minimalist drawing library for making beautiful animations in python. Anything that can be drawn can be moved. Comes with beautiful gradients, instagram-like filters, and elastic transforms.

Very much a work in progress!

  pip install pixelhouse

Examples (click for source)

Example image: blue woods

Example image: Logo Example image: Circle Lines

Submit your examples as an issue/pull request or post to twitter under #pixelhouse to have them showcased here!

Thousands of color palettes are built in, to see a sample of them pass a list:

import pixelhouse as ph


  • Primitives: Line, Circle, Ellipse, Polyline, Text*
  • Colors: Named colors, beautiful palettes
  • Gradients: Linear gradients with transparent elements, discrete
  • Animation: Easing (named and custom)
  • Transforms: Rotation, Translation, Scale, Elastic distortions
  • Filters: Blur, Instagram-style filters (keras not needed)
  • IO: Save/Load: jpg, png, gif, mp4

* Note: For advanced font support install libraqm (why?).



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