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Thoradia Add-ons Repository

The Thoradia Add-ons repository is a collection of add-ons for LibreELEC or forks thereof.


Keep it legal and carry on

Responsibility for the installation, the configuration and the operation of add-ons of the Thoradia Add-ons repository, and for the consequences thereof, lies exclusively with the user.

System Resources

LibreELEC runs on many hardware, some of which have just enough resources for Kodi. Add-ons of the Thoradia Add-ons repository will compete with Kodi for these resources, especially if they are limited. Therefore, consider using appropriate hardware or limiting the number of installed add-ons. As an indication, at the moment of writing, a Raspberry Pi 4 with 2 GB of RAM appears suitable to concurrently run all the add-ons of the Thoradia Add-ons repository without disturbing Kodi.


The add-ons are built with the LibreELEC build system to run on the LibreELEC operating system. The Thoradia Add-ons repository is however not otherwise related to the LibreELEC project. Do therefore not expect any support from the LibreELEC project with add-ons of the Thoradia Add-ons repository.


The Thoradia Add-ons repository needs to be installed from a zip file. The zip file depends on the version of LibreELEC on which it is installed, as listed below:

First, download the appropriate zip file to a location that can be accessed from LibreELEC, for example to the downloads SMB share LibreELEC.

Then, use Kodi on LibreELEC to install the Thoradia Add-ons repository from the downloaded zip file, as described here.

The Thoradia Add-ons repository will reconfigure itself to use the add-ons corresponding to the release of Libreelec on which it is installed.

Finally, restart Kodi to take the reconfiguration into account.

You can now manage (install, update, uninstall, etc.) all the add-ons of the Thoradia Add-ons repository with the Kodi Add-on manager, as described here.

Add-on Summary

Port Add-on Function
aria2 download client
6767 Bazarr subtitle manager
btfs bittorrent client
8112 Deluge bittorrent client
FlexGet download client
9117 Jackett media indexer
8686 Lidarr music manager
8081 Medusa series manager
Mono software platform
NordVPN virtual private network
6789 NZBGet usenet client
8880 qBittorrent bittorrent client
7878 Radarr movie manager
8085 SABnzbd usenet client
8989 Sonarr series manager
Thoradia add-on repository
Thoradia Mono Tools software libraries
Thoradia VPN Interface virtual private network
9091 Transmission bittorrent manager
WebGrab+Plus electronic program guide
ZeroTier One virtual private network


Source code

The source code of the Thoradia add-ons for LibreELEC can be found here. At the time of writing, only the following branches are maintained:


The add-ons can be found here, in particular:


The preferred way to submit bugs, comments and feature requests are GitHub issues.

Pull requests are welcome too.

As a last resort, post a reply at in the Thoradia Add-ons thread of the LibreELEC forum.