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Lightning fast liquidity protocol.

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  1. Resources for the THORChain Project; whitepapers, branding, fonts, logos, documents

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  2. The Midgard Public API queries THORChain and any chains linked via the Bifröst and prepares information about the network to be readily available for public users. The API parses event data from TH…

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  3. React Front-End for BEPSwap. The frontend allows users to connect Binance Chain wallets, and then swap assets by using the BEPSwap pool address provided by the BEPSwap statechain. A Chain Service i…

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  4. Heimdall is the gatekeeper who sees all. Role within the stack is to ensure all the various components function and work properly. Also verifies that THORchain operates with the correct mathematics…


  5. THORChain TSS Module

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  6. THORChain is a CosmosSDK-powered replicated state machine to coordinate asset movement for ASGARDEX, including processing swaps, stakes and more. THORChain does not peg assets, it simply determines…

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