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AEsir-Protocol Update Oct 29, 2018
Flash-Network Update Jun 20, 2019
Ord-Protocol Update Jul 31, 2018
THORChain Update Jun 20, 2019
Yggdrasil-Protocol Update Jul 30, 2018


Document Set

The following whitepapers should be read in conjunction:

  • THORChain A lightning fast decentralised liquidity protocol.

  • CLPs Continuous Liquidity Pools on THORChain.

  • Bifröst Protocol Secure and fast cross-chain bridges for THORChain.

  • Flash Network A layer 2 Network for instant asset exchange on THORChain.

  • Yggdrasil Protocol Dynamic multi-set sharding for THORChain.

  • Æsir Protocol A self-amending forkless consensus algorithm for THORChain.

Use the Template

Useful links:

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