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Revision 0.10
First release of libjpeg to the public.
Revision 0.11
Apparently, the demo frontend code used the
non-binary mode to open the output files,
creating corrupt files under platforms where
such modes include a text conversion. Fixed.
The configure script that tested for the avail-
ibility of setjmp did not work on those platforms
where setjmp is a macro rather than a function.
The test for setjmp is now omitted, depending solely
on the availibility of longjmp.
Revision 0.20
This release fixes a bug in the residual huffman decoder
scan where I forgot to multiply the residuals with the
quantization size. This did not affect lossless coding,
but only near-lossless coding.
Furthermore, this release adds coding of high-bitdepth
images with a standard 8bpp JPEG fallback stream. For
that, simply supply the image to be coded on the command
line and add the "-r" option to enable residual coding.
To use the conforming, but typically ill-supported 12bpp
mode of JPEG, do not use "-r".
Revision 0.30
This release introduces a new coding strategy for lossless
and high-dynamic range coding. Unlike former releases,
this release runs an additional reversible color transformation
on the residual data, followed by a lossless (scaled) Hadamard
transformation to avoid color banding in extreme cases. It
also adds an additional tone mapping curve (or curves) to be
specified on encoding that allow a higher quality of the
LDR base layer.
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