Library and demo app for Google Glass's eye gesture detector
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Demo app for Google Glass's eye gesture detector. This app is capable of detecting "Wink" gesture or "Double blink" gesture. Note that eye gesture only works on new version of Glass. If you are an early explorer and have not swapped yours with new one, it won't work.


v1.1 apk file

You might need adb to install it.

Source Code

This repo consists of two projects. EyeGestureStub is a library project for stubbing Google Glass's core framework EyeGestureDemoApp is an actual app.

How it works

EyeGesture and EyeGestureManager included in this project are just stubs, but once apk file is installed to Google Glass, it uses actual library included in Glass itself.

If you wanna use eye gesture in your own application, you'd better to use EyeGestureStub project as it is. If you want to include those classes in your project, please use EyeGesture and EyeGestureManager class from this project with the SAME package name ( and class name.


Apache Version 2.0


Refered winky project to learn how to receive the result of eye gesture. Thank you for the great work! Of course, great thank you for Google Glass's team!