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Contact the ERESI team

We have a unique email address for any kind of request: team <at> eresi-project dot org We have an official IRC channel for the public involved in the testing and development of the framework :

    #elfdev on

Please avoid joining massively for asking why your package does not compile on your machine, since this place is dedicated to development, testing, and reverse engineering with the ERESI framework. Occasionally, we may discuss independent analysis, possibly in other environments. Most of the time, we talk about current directions of the ERESI project and the upcoming implementation of features.

You can send preferably by email:

  • Contribution of code, patchs or documentation.
  • Report a broken link or missing resource of this website.
  • Insults, greets & others.

If you want to report a bug without patching it, please do it via github issue tracker.

ERESI Mailing lists

The ERESI project has 3 mailing lists:

  • eresi-crew is the original, core team members list. You cannot subscribe and consult the archives unless we decide so.

  • eresi-cvs is the new high traffic public CVS/SVN/GIT mailing list. All changes to the repository with their commit messages are reflected on this list. You can now freely subscribe and consult the archives.

  • eresi-dev is the official low traffic public ERESI mailing list for discussions and announcements. You can freely subscribe and consult the archives.

This last mailing list has been recently set up to follow the original ELF shell mailing list later called the ELF DEV mailing list.

If you were subscribed on any of those lists, you need to subscribe again.

About the ERESI project

The ERESI project was created by Julien Vanegue and developed by the ERESI team:

Name Country Time Description
Julio Auto de Medeiros br 2006-2008 Initiator and main developer of libasm and libmjollnir for the SPARC architecture. Developer of x86 analysis in Evarista and libasm. Developer of control-flow analysis in libmjollnir.
Eric Bisolfati ch 2008-2009 Initiator and main developer of the remote kernel debugger (kedbg) and the GDB serial protocol wrapper (libgdbwrap). Bug fixer, alpha tester.
Anthony Desnos fr 2007-2008 Main developer of the Kernel shell and the kernel shell library.
Thiago Figueredo br 2008-... Initiator and main developer of libasm for the ARM architecture.
Thomas Garnier fr 2006-2007 Main developer of the Embedded ELF tracer on the INTEL architecture, of the ERESI debugging format library (support for STABS and DWARF debug formats), support for ELF GNU versions table and ELF hash tables. Bug fixer, alpha tester.
Rafal Lesniak pl 2006-... Initiator and developer of the fingerprinting and control-flow analysis library libmjollnir.
Jesus Palencia br 2009 Developer of ARM/JTAG support in the remote kernel debugger.
Sebastien Roy fr 2001-... Initiator and main developer of libasm for the INTEL architecture. Early developer of libasm for SPARC and MIPS architecture. Early developer of control-flow analysis.
Sebastien Soudan fr 2003-2005 Developer on the Embedded ELF debugger and early support for the MIPS architecture. Initiator of the EXTSTATIC technique. Bug fixer, alpha tester.
Julien Vanegue fr 2001-... Initiator and main developer of the ELF shell, the Embedded ELF debugger, the Evarista static analyzer, libraries librevm, libstderesi, libaspect, libmjollnir, and libelfsh on INTEL, SPARC, ALPHA and MIPS architectures. Bugfixer for libasm, the kernel shell and the kernel debugger.
Mariusz Woloszyn pl 2002-2003 Initiator and developer of the Readline interface in librevm, early developer of libelfsh on the SPARC architecture, bug fixer, alpha tester.
Adam Zabrocki pl 2007 Main developer of libasm and libmjollnir for the MIPS architecture.

The ERESI team thanks all testers, reviewers, independent contributors and researchers who have supported the ERESI project: Eric Auge, Phil Biondi, Nicolas Brito, Shaun Clowes, Samuel Dralet, Alan Mycroft, Fred Raynal, Vianney Rancurel, and Rafael Villordo. Greets also go to anonymous supporters: thegrugq, simkin, dvorak, belou, zadig, zappy and the PaX team.

ERESI license

The ERESI project is under the General Public License (GPL) version 2. You can distribute it and modify it as long as you keep the source open.

If you want to use ERESI in a closed-source application, contact the ERESI team for getting an alternative license.