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My Kupfer Plugins

Internet Search

this plugin searches the internet with your favorite search engine

Vivaldi Bookmarks

the plugin will import your Vivaldi Bookmarks to Kupfer


Install recollindex and use this plugin to query recoll

KDE5 Session Management

This plugin will add Restart, Suspend, Save Session... for KDE Plasma to Kupfer

SSH Yakuake Session

This plugin starts a new SSH sessin in yakuake

Set your config file in the plugin settings

# or
<shortname>=<hostname> Translation

This plugin will translate text german<->english

Amazon search

This plugin lets you search amazon directly


Watch your favorite series on netflix

Set your config file in the plugin settings

<serie>=<url after>
Bugs Bunny=title/2392229


put these files to kupfer/plugin directory and restart kupfer

normally this would be $HOME/.local/share/kupfer/plugins

enable them in the preference window

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