Soothes command line induced rage
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What is it?

Have you ever had a bad experience in a CLI? Have you raged during said experience and typed in some choice commands to release that rage? Of course you have, and CLI Rage is for you. It provides an implementation for several rage releasing commands. It will simply provide a response. It's not much, but it's something, and something is better than nothing, right?

How do I install it?

With RubyGems of course.

gem install cli_rage
cli_rage install

Some example commands


Does it totally jack up my terminal?

Probably. It creates a bunch of aliases for common commands I type when raging. If you already have commands of the same name, it'll clobber them. Sorry.

Why does it exist?

Apparently, for me, long travel has a tendency to produce silly libraries (see fsck).

It doesn't work

It should work in any bash environment, but I have basically zero bash knowledge, so there's that. It seems to work fine for me on OS X 10.7 in Terminal and iTerm. This is a one-off library that I will probably never touch again.

I've had my fun, how do I nuke it?

cli_rage uninstall


Do whatever, I don't care.