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A Ruby gem that allows you to be yourself while writing code.
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Gem Version

Fsck allows you to express your feelings while you're developing. It does this by allowing you to add words to method names on the fly.


gem install fsck


Fsck allows you to have a sense of closure during your everyday development life. Here's some examples:

A difficult problem causing you frustration? Tell it how you feel.

# all i want is to sum the goddamn elements
sum = 0
(1..10).each_fucking_element { |e| sum += e }

Find a method that you think rocks? Show it your praise.

# inject rocks!


Spot Usage

Fsck comes as a module that you can include wherever you want.

require "fsck"

class MyClass
  include Fsck

  def my_method

my_object =
my_object.calling_my_awesome_method # => 42

Deep Usage

Fsck also provides a way to use its functionality on every object in ruby.

require "fsck/deep"

42.gimme_succ # => 43
ary = Array.new_array_please # => []

Fsck: How does it work?

Fsck achieves its functionality by tapping into method_missing. The first time a fscked method is called, every method defined on the object is examined. The method with the longest name that passes the examination process is assumed to be the intended method, and the fscked method is aliased to this method.

The examination process splits the words of each method name, building a regular expression that allows for any number of other words to be inserted anywhere in the method name. If you aren't careful with the words you choose, you may unintentionally call another method.

# you may expect this to call #each, but it will instead call #each_value
my_hash.what_i_need_is_each_set_of_key_plus_value { |k,v| puts k }


Fsck is named after the use of the Unix file system utility, specifically as it is applied to profanity.

NOTE: This gem has nothing to do with the Unix file system utility


This gem is totally a joke. Please don't use it.


MIT License. Copyright 2011 Chris Thorn.

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