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New dotfiles

Wow - haven't coded in a while. Starting this up again on 12/31/2013. Is a mess still. Not using VIM and just added sublime.


$ cd ~/
$ git clone
$ cd dotfiles
$ rake install

Then link the sublime settings for the mac:

$ ln -s ~/dotfiles/sublime-settings ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 3/Packages/User/Preferences.sublime-settings

# am not using submodules right now
# git submodule init
# git submodule update

Enable zsh (which is new to me):

Using submodules ....

Currently, have some submodules listed that I am not using. But once they are added, here is how to initialize them:

# git submodule init
# git submodule update

To install a submodule in the bundles directory for VIM:

git submodule add git:// vim/bundle/package

VIM submodules being used with pathogen:

Need to update and initialize the new submodules on all machines - maybe we could use a nice script for this?

git submodule init
git submodule update

Linux install

sudo apt-get install vim zsh git vim-gnome
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