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alexa-spotify-connect (Connect Control for Spotify)

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Control Spotify Connect devices with Alexa

Alexa Skill Store


Contribution and development

Deploy the skill

  1. Make a Spotify developer app at, get a client ID and client secret
  2. Make a new Amazon Alexa skill, custom. Lots of details omitted here, but: once you get to the part in the Alexa developer console where you can upload/paste in JSON, then run skill/skill.js to generate the JSON required
$ node skill/skill.js
  1. Account linking on Alexa skill: turn it on, choose "Auth Code Grant", set Authorization URI to "", set "Access Token URI" to "", set client ID and secret, add scopes "user-read-playback-state" and "user-modify-playback-state", add the three redirect URLs from the account linking details in your developer console for the skill
  2. Deploy this webapp to somewhere that supports HTTPS (required for Alexa skills), for example Heroku
  3. Configure the skill to use an HTTPS endpoint of https://<your-url>/<app-name> where app-name is the name specified in'app-name'), connect by default

Adding a language

  1. Check that the locale is supported by Amazon (see list of supported locale codes) and get your locale code (e.g. en-GB)
  2. Create a locale file in locales/{LOCALE-CODE}.json (see existing locales for formatting), please do not change the placeholder value names (in double curly brackets e.g. {{name}})
  3. Create a localised interaction model used by Skill Builder in skill/locales/{LOCALE-CODE}.json (please only change the values for the samples for each intent and not the intent names or slots). The formatting should be similar to the other locales, but if more (or fewer) samples are required for the language add as many as possible (more samples mean better accuracy) (formatting done by alexa-utterances)
  4. Add the locale to the list of locales in skill/skill-i18n.js (follow the format used by other locales)
  5. (Optional: for deployment) To create the JSON data required by Skill Builder run
$ node skill/skill-i18n.js





This product is not endorsed, certified or otherwise approved in any way by Spotify. Spotify is the registered trade mark of the Spotify Group.