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alexa-spotify-connect (Connect Control for Spotify)

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Control Spotify Connect devices with Alexa

Alexa Skill Store


Contribution and development

  1. Make a Spotify developer app at, get a client ID and client secret
  2. Make a new Amazon Alexa skill, custom. Lots of details omitted here, but: once you get to the part in the Alexa developer console where you can upload/paste in JSON, then run skill/skill.js to generate the JSON required
node skill/skill.js
  1. Account linking on Alexa skill: turn it on, choose "Auth Code Grant", set Authorization URI to "", set "Access Token URI" to "", set client ID and secret, add scopes "user-read-playback-state" and "user-modify-playback-state", add three redirect URIs:
  1. Deploy this webapp to somewhere that supports HTTPS (required for Alexa skills), for example Heroku
  2. Configure the skill to use an HTTPS endpoint of https://<your-url>/<app-name> where app-name is the name specified in'app-name'), connect by default





This product is not endorsed, certified or otherwise approved in any way by Spotify. Spotify is the registered trade mark of the Spotify Group.