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A test "push target" for Fermentrack push support. Intended for developers.
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Fermentrack Push Target

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A demonstration "push target" for Fermentrack

Fermentrack is a Python-based web application which assists with managing the fermentation of beer, wine, and other beverages. Fermentrack integrates with BrewPi-compatible temperature controllers as well as gravity sensors such as the Tilt Hydrometer and iSpindel. Fermentrack contains a feature which allows for data that has been collected from these devices to be "pushed out" for use by other applications.

This script is designed as a demonstration "target script" to which data can be pushed by Fermentrack. This script is intended for demonstration and testing purposes for web developers, and is not expected to be useful for end users.


This script is licensed under the MIT (Expat) license, the full text of which is included in this repo. If you require a different license for this script, please feel free to reach out.

Installation & Documentation

This script does not include full usage/installation documentation. It is intended to be installed similarly to other Django web apps, with a Python environment containing the packages specified in the requirements.txt file within the repo.

Installation documentation is contained within install/

Full documentation for Fermentrack itself is available at

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