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@thorsilver thorsilver released this Feb 10, 2019 · 30 commits to master since this release

For details on endgame tablebases and how they've benefited SpaceDog, please see my verbose blog post here:

SpaceDog now has partial Syzygy tablebase integration! This is how you can get SpaceDog to play perfectly in all endgames with less than 7 pieces on the board:

  • Download your Syzygy tablebase files and place them in a folder called syzygy in your SpaceDog folder
  • Start SpaceDog, type dog to start console mode, then usetb -- this will automatically detect your tablebase files and set the appropriate options
  • Once you hit a tablebase position, SpaceDog will play all of its moves out of the tablebase and choose the best available option to win, hold a draw, or prevent a loss as long as possible (depending on the WDL score of the position)

This took some fiddling to get working, particularly translating promotion moves into SpaceDog's format, but it all works now! Next step is to probe the WDL tables during search to help direct SpaceDog toward winning endgame positions. Also will add commands to use tablebases in XBoard and UCI mode, of course.

I've included the results (in snazzy PDF game records) of testing some endgames on the new TB-savvy SpaceDog -- specifically a KBNvsK endgame, where TB SpaceDog blazed toward an easy win that non-TB SpaceDog couldn't find at all, and a KPPvsKP endgame where TB SpaceDog won significantly faster, and with two promoted queens instead of one. These are also available in the repository. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Windows version now working! Download SpaceDog_TBs.exe and make sure you have Cygwin installed, then run from the command prompt or by double-clicking SpaceDog_TBs.exe in Windows Explorer.

UPDATED UPDATE: Linux version is now here too!

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