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Add autosave of FAQs during editing #433

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I am not sure if this is possible, but i would say that this is one of the number 1 complaints i have herard about, for example if for some reason your session timesout then you have to relogin, it would be nice if phpmyfaq went back to the page you were working on, so if you were in the configuration panel then it would take you back there once you relogged back in...

and if you were working on adding an FAQ or editing, it would be nice if the session timesout that it would take you back to editing and save information so you dont have to re type it, these are prolly considered 2 different things and might not be possible, it is just a suggestion.

you might not have this implemented because it could take up too disk space, i think u had even told me one time its not possible i just cant remember the reason.

@thorsten thorsten was assigned

This could be easily implemented by activating the autosave plugin in TinyMCE and adding the the autorecover button


Sure, but it should be saved somewhere :-)
I know the option, I'll check it for this task


The autosave plugin sucks IMO, it is HTML5 or IE9 only. One would need a smarter solution.

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Thorsten Rinne Added autosave configuration to update process (#433) 1bdcf4c
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