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A pimatic plugin to query windows hosts using windows management instrumentation.

Plugin Configuration

      "plugin": "wmi",
      "debug": false

The plugin has the following configuration properties:

Property Default Type Description
debug false Boolean Debug mode. Writes debug messages to the pimatic log, if set to true

Device Configuration

The following device can be used:


The WmiSensor displays the output of your specified command to the gui.

		"id": "wmi1",
		"class": "WmiSensor",
		"name": "WMI Sensor",
		"host": "",			
		"username": "",
		"password": "",
		"command": ""
Property Default Type Description
host - String Hostname or IP address of the Windows Host
username - String local or domain user with administrative privileges
password - String Password for the user specified
command - String Command which will be executed.
interval 60000 Number The time interval in milliseconds at which the command is queried
attributes - Object Attributes are automatical saved to config for later support for rules

If you already created a WmiSensor device and you change the command later, all attributes from this device need to be deleted, before the new attributes are shown!

If you running pimatic on windows and want to query the local machine, you need to leave the username and password fields empty!


For Examples see WMI Queries.


  • Add automatic clearing of attributes if command was changed


See Release History.


Copyright (c) thost96 and contributors. All rights reserved.

License: GPL-2.0.