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Thoth Station

Using Artificial Intelligence to analyse and recommend Software Stacks for the Python Ecosystem.

Pinned repositories

  1. Thoth's addition to OpenShift's s2i Python builds to benefit from Thoth's recommendations in your application

    Dockerfile 6 9

  2. An example of Thoth's recommendations in OpenShift's s2i builds for a TensorFlow stack

    Python 3 6

  3. Tooling and a library for Thoth's Python Source-To-Image (s2i) applications

    Python 1 4

  4. A set of notebooks to experiment with data in project Thoth

    Jupyter Notebook 4 12

  5. A CLI tool and library for communicating with Thoth

    Python 10 10

  6. Examples of Thoth's recommendations using Thamos CLI

    Python 2 5