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Thoth Station

Using Artificial Intelligence to analyse and recommend Software Stacks for the Python Ecosystem.


  1. support support Public

    ℹ Any Thoth related support questions


  2. prescriptions prescriptions Public

    ⚕️💊 Prescriptions to heal your applications and application dependencies 💊⚕️

    Python 18 10

  3. cli-examples cli-examples Public

    Examples of Thoth's recommendations using Thamos CLI

    Python 4 9

  4. micropipenv micropipenv Public

    A lightweight wrapper for pip to support requirements.txt, Pipenv and Poetry lock files or converting them to pip-tools compatible output. Designed for containerized Python applications but not lim…

    Python 231 25

  5. talks talks Public

    Talks, presentations and research papers published about Thoth

    5 9

  6. kebechet kebechet Public

    I'm Kebechet bot, goddess of freshness - I will keep your source code fresh and up-to-date

    Python 24 20


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