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This is an OpenShift deployment for Dgraph
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Dgraph Thoth Config

This is the Configuration of Dgraph deployment on OpenShift for project Thoth.

How To Use it

Deploying Dgraph on OpenShift depends upon requirements.Based on Non-High Availability or High Availability Dgraph is needed:

Start with dgraph image, import the dgraph image to the openshift namespace.(use the imagestream openshift template)

PVC are created with creation of zero's and alpha's.

Prometheus Metrics: Deploy prometheus exporter to gather dgraph metrics.(Use the prom exporter template). Dgraph Metrics documentation: Docs


  • To re-setup the dgraph deployment. Delete the following resources:
    pods, statefulsets, services, persistentvolumeclaims, persistentvolumes.
    Then use the deployment steps to setup.
  • For scale down instructions use the following operations docs.


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