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Please is a cross-language build system with an emphasis on high performance, extensibility and reproduceability. It supports a number of popular languages and can automate nearly any aspect of your build process.

See http://please.build for more information.

Currently Linux (tested on Ubuntu) and OSX are actively supported, and FreeBSD is known to work with a little setup (see FAQ for details).

Getting Started

The easiest way to install it on your own machine is to run:

curl -s https://get.please.build | bash

Or, if you prefer, grab one of the tarballs off our releases page and extract it yourself; it typically lives in ~/.please.

Then you simply run plz init at the root of your project to set up a default config and you're good to start adding BUILD files. See the website for more instructions about how to write them.

There are various commands available to interact with Please, the most obvious & useful ones initially are plz build and plz test to build things & run tests respectively. See plz --help or the documentation for more comprehensive information.

Building Please

To build Please yourself, run ./bootstrap.sh in the repo root. This will set up the minimal environment needed to build Please, build it once manually and then rebuild it again using itself. You'll need to have Go 1.10+ installed to build Please although once built it can target any version from 1.5+ onwards.

Optional dependencies for various tests include Python, Java, unittest++ (sudo apt-get install libunittest++-dev), clang, gold and docker - none of those are required to build components so their tests will be excluded if they aren't available.

If you'd rather not worry about installing the dependencies, we provide a prebuilt Docker image based on Ubuntu which is capable of building the whole thing for you: docker run -it thoughtmachine/please_ubuntu



Please is released & we consider it stable; we follow semver for releases, so major versions indicate potentially breaking changes to the BUILD language, command line or other behaviour. We try to minimise this where possible.

We're very happy to accept pull requests & feature requests, and bugs if it's not working for you. We don't always have time for everything since Please is only part-time work for us, but we'll do our best.