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Flagship Tasks

Flagship Tasks is a web app written in Ruby on Rails by the ThoughtBeam team.

Flagship Tasks is a project management framework, but it was built to be more than just another bug list, to be accessible to users of all professions and competence levels, for re-quirements ranging from the standard software development project bug list to a personal, day-to-day to-do list. Flagship Tasks can handle tasks from any sort of system.

Flagship Tasks provides a simple and clean user interface that will help you get it up and running quickly. Unlike other systems, which often require substantial amounts of editing con-figuration files, Flagship Tasks can serve itself right out of the box with little to no configuration at all. And when you need the extra speed of a full-size web server, Flagship Tasks can easily step it up with Apache and Passenger or other equivalent Rack server.

Flagship Tasks can make organizing a snap, whether it comes to projects or people. Just assign your users into groups and let them work, undisturbed by other teams’ progress. It’s great for times when a particular set of users will be working together on various projects frequently.

We at ThoughtBeam hope that Flagship Tasks makes your next project a lot easier. Give it a try!

More Information

This document accompanies the first major release, version 1.0. For the most up-to-date installation instructions, see our wiki at The Flagship Tasks code repository can be found at

The full documentation can be found here:

About Us

Thoughtbeam (Mike, Mike, and Haris) is a group of Students participating in Software, Design, and Documentation and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.