Tiny CocoaPod for NSString Encryption methods
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TBEncryption is a super light weight category for encrypting strings with different encryption methods. Currently, we support the following encryption strategies:

  • MD5
  • SHA-1
  • Base64
  • XOR


We recommend installing with CocoaPods

pod 'NSString+TBEncryption', '~> 1.0'

Alternatively, you can just copy the category from the Source directory into your project.


The category methods are all prefixed with tb_. This is the best practice for categories on classes you don't own, but it also means that all of the TBEncryption methods will sort together.

The MD5, SHA-1, and Base64 methods are all pretty straightforward. The XOR hashing method takes an additional secret key argument. This is the string that will be XOR'd together with the string to create the hash. This key can be of any length (we loop back through the key if it's shorter than the string) If you use this method a lot, you might even create your own XOR method that wraps this one and always passes in the proper key.