@nickcharlton nickcharlton released this Oct 28, 2016 · 22 commits to master since this release

  • [#127] Add button to clear the search
  • [#656] Add Rails 5 support



@graysonwright graysonwright released this May 21, 2016 · 53 commits to master since this release

Bug Fix: Fix LoadError for apps that don't use images



@graysonwright graysonwright released this May 18, 2016 · 56 commits to master since this release

New Features

  • [#573] Render custom javascripts and stylesheets to the page
    by registering them with Administrate in an initializer.
    For example, you can create config/initializers/administrate.rb
    with the contents:
    Administrate::Engine.add_javascript "my_plugin/script" Administrate::Engine.add_stylesheet "my_plugin/styles"
  • [#567] Add a partial for rendering HTML links to stylesheets.
    This is useful for plugin developers,
    as well as people who want to add custom stylesheets on a page-by-page basis
    using content_for(:stylesheet).
  • [#492] Translate attribute labels on show and index pages.
    To customize an attribute label, add translations according to the structure:
    en: helpers: label: customer: name: Full Name


Version 0.2.0

@graysonwright graysonwright released this Apr 21, 2016 · 60 commits to master since this release

Breaking Changes

  • [#476] Extract Administrate::Field::Image into its own gem.
    Users who have image fields in their dashboards should add to their Gemfile:

    gem "administrate-field-image"



@tute tute released this Apr 1, 2016 · 72 commits to master since this release

[BUGFIX] Protect from CSRF attacks [CVE-2016-3098]
[#422] [FEATURE] Add a Select field for displaying a drop-down menu of options on form pages. Options: ruby Field::Select.with_options(collection: [:foo, :bar])
[#458] [BUGFIX] Update the custom field generator to match the new HTML structure of forms


Version 0.1.4

@graysonwright graysonwright released this Feb 21, 2016

Breaking Changes

  • [#464] Replace the DashboardManifest with explicit Rails routes.

    • Run rails generate administrate:routes to generate the default routes.
  • [#467] Update the internal field path to fit Ruby conventions

    # Change any instances of this...
    require "administrate/fields/base"
    # ...to this:
    require "administrate/field/base"


Version 0.1.3

@graysonwright graysonwright released this Jan 22, 2016 · 83 commits to master since this release

Breaking Changes

  • [#339] Change Administrate namespace from a constant to a method

    Upgrade by changing all instances of Administrate::NAMESPACE in your project to namespace.

New Features

  • [#269] Add a generator for copying default layout files
  • [#328] Add a generator for copying default sidebar partial
  • [#362] Add a generator for only the dashboard manifest.
    Customizing this manifest before running the administrate:install generator
    will change which dashboards get generated.
  • [#295] Add dashboard detection for ActiveRecord::Enum fields.
  • [#364] Improve dashboard generator by explicitly listing out the
    generated SHOW_PAGE_ATTRIBUTES array elements.

UI Improvements

  • [#416] Add an accessibility label to the search input
  • [#411] Use tabular figures in table cells
  • [#409] Use default system fonts


  • [#424] Fix a bug where running rails destroy GENERATOR_NAME
    would not work for several of the generators
  • [#390] Fix timestamp deprecation warnings

Compatibility Improvements

  • [#365] Remove dependency on inline_svg


  • [#396] Ukrainian
  • [#297] Italian
  • [#307] Fix German grammatical errors


  • [#363] Move documentation into main repository, at the root URL
  • [#395] Update inline documentation for collection partial
  • [#387] Fix incorrect path for generators in the docs


Version 0.1.2

@graysonwright graysonwright released this Dec 9, 2015 · 166 commits to master since this release

New Features

  • #251 Raise a helpful error when an attribute is missing from ATTRIBUTE_TYPES
  • #298 Support ActiveRecord model I18n translations
  • #312 Add a nil option to belongs_to form fields

UI Changes

  • #231 Fix layout issue on show page where a long label next to an empty value would cause following fields on the page to be mis-aligned.
  • #309 Fix layout issue in datetime pickers where months and years would not wrap correctly.
  • #306 Wrap long text lines (on word breaks) on show pages
  • #214 Improve header layout when there is a long page title
  • #198 Improve spacing around bottom link in sidebar
  • #206 Left-align checkboxes in boolean form fields
  • #315 Remove the IDS suffix for HasMany form field labels

Bug Fixes

  • #259 Make installation generator more robust by ignoring dynamically generated, unnamed models
  • #243 Fix up a "Show" button on the edit page that was not using the display_resource method.
  • #248 Improve polymorphic relationship's dashboard class detection.
  • #247 Populate has_many and belongs_to select boxes with the current value of the relationship.

I18n Changes

  • #217 Dutch
  • #263 Swedish
  • #272 Danish
  • #270 Don't apologize about missing relationship support.
  • #237 Fix broken paths for several I18n files (de, es, fr, pt-BR, vi).


  • #266 Save a few database queries by using cached counts


Version 0.1.1

@tute tute released this Nov 12, 2015 · 198 commits to master since this release

  • [#191] [CHANGE] Improve API for specifying how resources are displayed
    across the dashboard.
    • Models are now displayed with a sensible default - (e.g. "User #2")
    • Users can define ModelDashboard#display_resource(resource) for custom
      display behavior
    • Users who have generated views for the following field types
      may need to update them to take advantage of the new API:
      • HasOne
      • HasMany
      • Polymorphic
      • BelongsTo
  • [#126] [UI] Preserve whitespace when rendering text fields
  • [#194] [BUGFIX] Don't clear out datetime values in form fields
  • [#193] [BUGFIX] Don't assume that unrecognized db column types are searchable
  • [#124] [BUGFIX] Better detection of application models
  • [#156] [COMPAT] Include missing sass-rails dependency in gemspec
  • [#174] [COMPAT] Make several missing dependencies explicit.
  • [#144] [COMPAT] Update repository structure so Bundler can pull the gem from github.
    (e.g. gem "administrate", github: "thoughtbot/administrate")
  • [#166] [COMPAT] Use ANSI SQL standards for case-insensitive search
  • [#223] [I18n] Vietnamese
  • [#161] [I18n] Mandarin Chinese
  • [#196] [I18n] Taiwanese Mandarin
  • [#142] [I18n] Brazilian Portuguese
  • [#171] [I18n] Polish
  • [#153] [I18n] Russian
  • [#148] [I18n] French
  • [#147] [I18n] German
  • [#154] [I18n] Spanish
  • [#120] [DOC] Add Rubygems version badge to README
  • [#165] [DOC] Add CircleCI badge to README
  • [#119] [DOC] Add CodeClimate badge to README


Version 0.1.0

@tute tute released this Oct 31, 2015 · 229 commits to master since this release

  • [CHANGE] Render views using local variables, not instance variables.
  • [CHANGE] Rename table -> collection throughout the engine.
    • API for dashboard classes now relies on COLLECTION_ATTRIBUTES constant
    • Generated views now use the _collection partial instead of _table
  • [FEATURE] Add a generator for copying field views to host application
  • [FEATURE] Generated dashboards are more explicit,
    and more clearly define the API.
  • [FEATURE] Add a generator for creating custom field types
  • [FEATURE] Add generators for copying view templates into host application
  • [FEATURE] Add sensible dynamic titles to the dashboard pages.
  • [FEATURE] Add text field type.
  • [UI] Give form and show pages more consistent label styles
  • [UI] Fix checkbox styling and label alignment.
  • [UI] Fix scrollbar issues on list pages.
  • [BUGFIX] Fix missing dropdown.svg asset.
  • [BUGFIX] Fix asset precompilation issue for datetime_picker_rails gem.
  • [BUGFIX] Remove erroneous "Showing 5 of 1" messages
    from has_many relationships on the show page.
  • [COMPAT] Use optimistic versioning for all dependencies.
  • [DOC] Update README with a better description of the repo.
  • [DOC] Move changelog to root of repository, improve labels, add key.
  • [DOC] Add comments to all template files
    describing what variables will be available