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Version 2.3.1 - 2010-07-02
Jason Morrison (2):
Use the Rails 3 params filters when available
Filter session hash using Hoptoad config.params_filters, in addition to params
Version 2.3.0 - 2010-06-24
Jason Morrison (5):
Add integration test for rails 3.0.0.beta4
Added feature: Support the Heroku addon in the generator
Add --heroku flag to generator to support ENV['HOPTOAD_API_KEY']
Reflect a copy change in rails.feature for --heroku generator flag
Support the proxy configuration options when notifying Hoptoad of a deploy (hat tip @gudleik)
Version 2.2.6 - 2010-06-02
Jason Morrison (1):
For Rails 3, just use the Rack middleware instead of specifying a location to insert_after
Version 2.2.5 - 2010-06-02
Jason Morrison (1):
Add documentation for Rails 3.x installation
Version 2.2.4 - 2010-06-02
Jason Morrison (1):
Add a note to README about removing the explicit Catcher #include in ApplicationController
Version 2.2.3 - 2010-06-02
Summary: Fixed a variety of issues for Rails 3.0.0.beta3,
Fixed a bug when using Vlad to deploy instead of Capistrano
Give better error output when gem is not installed
Chad Pytel (2):
revise gem unpack instructions step
Merge branch 'master' of
Dan Lawless (1):
don't append capistrano details to config.deploy.rb when target app uses Vlad
Jason Morrison (7):
LH-556 Clarify sending ENV environment variables
Starting to add features for Rails 3
Make rails rake tasks depend on gem-making tasks
Start to get Rails 3 features to pass
require fileutils to reflect rubygems 1.3.6 change
Support ENV['CUCUMBER_FORMAT'] in rails cucumber tasks for testing
Fix the initializer syntax in the Rails 3 Railtie
Joe Ferris (11):
Got the generator running and a request dispatched to the test endpoint
Fixed logging in hoptoad:test rake task
Separated Rails 2 and 3 entry
Support bundler
Rails 3 generator works with an existing api key
Extract request info from rack env
Detect presence of the plugin
Added a capistrano hook for Rails 3
Fixed rack/sinatra being broken without active_support
Fixes for earlier versions of Rails
Fixed Rails 3 generator not to append cap hooks for vlad deploys
Josh Kalderimis (7):
updated railtie to work with the new rails 3 middleware api
railtie_name is deprecated
updated app_middleware call to use string version as to make sure constant is loaded
moved generator using the new rails 3 convention
update path to template for Rails 3 generator
correction to referencing of the rails application in rails3_tasks
add environment_name and project_root back to rails 3 railtie
Joshua Nichols (1):
Handle gem not being installed more gracefully.
Version 2.2.2 - 2010-03-10
Chad Pytel (1):
document proxy support
Joe Ferris (8):
Added upgrade instructions to the README
Give a clearer error message when generating a Rails app fails
Fail loudly when a gem can't be vendored
Debugging rubygems issues
Explicitly specify the gem paths
Less noisy
Restore gem path after vendoring
Fixed a typo
Jon Yurek (1):
Added notice about removing hoptoad rake tasks to upgrade gem
Mike Burns (1):
Remove stray file with notes in it
Version 2.2.1 - 2010-03-10
Jason Morrison (3):
LH-629 Ensure notifier is not considered a framework gem
Removing things-the-generator-must-do file
Add rake cucumber:wip:rails* tasks for work-in-progress features
Version 2.2.0 - 2010-02-18
Bumping the version from 2.1.4 to 2.2.0 since adding Rack support warrants a minor version.
Jason Morrison (1):
Stringify array elements when making assertions about Notice XML for 1.9 compatibility
Version 2.1.4 - 2010-02-12
Chad Pytel (2):
add more info to README for 1.2.6
fix gem unpack line for 1.2.6
Jason Morrison (2):
Adding additional instructions for Rails 1.2.6
Typesetting in README.rdoc
Joe Ferris (11):
Separating Rails functionality out more
Initial Rack middleware
Extract request info from rack env
Added integration tests for rescuing
Fixed reporting of Rails version
Small refactoring
Automatically add Rack middleware for Rails apps that support it (catches exceptions from Metal)
Added an integration test and docs for rack apps
Added integration/readme coverage of Sinatra apps
Added docs to HoptoadNotifier::Rack
Require rack in tests for older versions of Rails; use active_support instead of activesupport
Nick Quaranto (3):
Fixing the capistrano hook bit in the readme
Adding changeling:minor and changeling:patch to automate notifier releases
Adding rake changeling:push
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