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Relative gemfiles location breaks cucumber tests with aruba #5

ZenCocoon opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I've described the general error at:

However, the quick idea is that Appraisal use relative gemfiles path that doesn't seem to play nice with aruba

I've tried to get it as absolute path, but don't know how to get the current Rakefile location used to run rake appraisal from the Appraisal rake tasks.


I tried changing the gemfile_root method of Appraisal::Appraisal to be:

::File.join(Dir.pwd, "gemfiles")

That passes the test suite and works for the first appraisal (trying it out on Clearance). However, the second appraisal it tries to run, it had a duplicated path:


So there's something about the process going on that I don't quite understand yet.


Hmm weird behavior.

I've tried on my end with

def gemfile_root
  ::File.join(Dir.pwd, "gemfiles")

With rspec-subject-extensions it works like a charm with 2 appraisals (under MRI 1.8.7 and MRI 1.9.2)
However I've tried with Clearance as well and it fails at the first appraisal in my case.

I'll keep investigating to see what's going on.


Ok, here's the catch.

If using ::File.join(Dir.pwd, "gemfiles") directly in appraisal, this is no longer required. As long as it can break compatibility, I think it's a nice update to make Appraisal usage even easier.

Tested with Clearance and works nicely.


Good call. Made the changes to appraisal and clearance.


@croaky croaky closed this

Sweet, thanks a lot for your help and work. Looking forward for the version bump ;-)

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