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Bill of Materials

thoughtbot Sensor Board v1 rev 1

Component Refs Type Value Package Qty Digikey Part #
C1 tant. capacitor 47uF 1206 1 478-8180-1-ND
C2,C4,C9 capacitor 0.1uF 0603 3 311-1343-1-ND
C3 capacitor 1.0uF 0603 1 587-1242-1-ND
C5,C8 capacitor 4.7uF 0603 2 490-3297-1-ND
C6,C7 capacitor 18pF 0603 2 1276-1089-1-ND
R1 resistor 10K 0603 1 RMCF0603JT10K0CT-ND
R2 resistor 2K 0603 1 RMCF0603FT2K00CT-ND
R3 resistor 330 0603 1 RMCF0603JT330RCT-ND
Q1 crystal 16MHz HC49UP 1 535-10226-1-ND
S1 switch SPST-NO 1 EG2531CT-ND
LED1 LED blue 0603 1 475-2816-1-ND
U1 microcontroller atmega328p 32TQFP 1 ATMEGA328P-AU-ND
U2 LiPo charger mcp73831 SOT23-5 1 MCP73831T-2ACI/OTCT-ND
J1 connector 2x3 1 952-2121-ND
JP1 connector 1x6 1 952-2247-ND
JP2-3 connector 2x4 1 S7072-ND
JP4-6 connector 1x18 1 S7016-ND
JP7-8 connector 1x12 1 S6100-ND
JP9 connector usb microb 1 609-4613-1-ND
JP10 connector JST 1x2 1 455-1719-ND
BAT1 connector coin cell 1 BK-912-CT-ND
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