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cwallen authored and christoomey committed Apr 16, 2013
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@@ -122,13 +122,15 @@ This should be _above_ any usage of SwappingController or SwappingRouter, but
below the inclusion of Backbone.js, Underscore, and jQuery.
If you do not wish to include all of backbone-support, you can include
-individual pieces. First, require the main support file:
+individual pieces. Require the support file(s) and the individual assets you wish to use:
//= require backbone-support/support
+ //= require backbone-support/swapping_router
-Then require the individual assets you wish to use:
- //= require backbone-support/swapping_router
+ //= require backbone-support/support
+ //= require backbone-support/observer
//= require backbone-support/composite_view
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