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Bourbon Website

This is the source code for the Bourbon website. It’s built with Middleman.

You can find the Bourbon Sass library source code here.


  1. Get the code:

    git clone
  2. Set up your machine:

  3. Run the app:

    bundle exec middleman
    open http://localhost:4567

Generate Documentation

Bourbon uses SassDoc to document its source code. For this website, we use Rake tasks to run SassDoc’s CLI, which parses documentation-specific comments from Bourbon’s source and outputs them as versioned JSON files (e.g. bourbon_5_0_0.json). We then use a proxy in Middleman to generate unique pages for each version.

SassDoc has only been in use since v5.0.0. The v4 release is documented via a static page, pulled from the previous website.

To generate documentation for the gem version specified in the Gemfile, run:

rake generate

You can also generate documentation for the gem version from GitHub by using the generate_for command:

rake generate_for 5.0.0

Hosting & Deployment

The website is hosted on Netlify, and is automatically built and deployed when changes are pushed to the master branch. Credentials for Netlify can be found in 1Password.

Front-end Architecture

This project uses:

  • Sass, with Bourbon
  • BEM-style CSS class names, with namespaces
    • library/: Global variables, mixins and functions; all non-rendering Sass
    • base/: Unclassed HTML elements (e.g. a {}, input {})
    • patterns/: Abstractions, highly reusable pieces of style that are used in any number of unrelated contexts (e.g. .p-media {})
    • components/: Discrete, implementation-specific piece of UI (e.g. .c-site-nav {})
    • utilities/: High-specificity, very explicit selectors. Overrides and helper classes (e.g. .u-flex {}).
  • Autoprefixer
  • SCSS-Lint, with Hound (configuration)
  • A variety of CSS units:
    • em for typographical-related elements
    • rem for lengths related to components
    • px for borders, text shadows, etc.
    • vw/vh for lengths that should be relational to the viewport
  • modular-scale() (which outputs em values) for font sizes