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sass --watch stylesheets/sass:stylesheets -r ./stylesheets/sass/bourbon/lib/bourbon.rb
-#Using Bourbon Vanilla Mixins
+#Browser support
+Bourbon aims to provide support for CSS3 properties that are not yet fully supported in modern stable browsers.
+**Pull requests:** A general rule when considering a new mixin: Do the following browsers *only* support the CSS3 property using vendor specific prefixes? If the answer is yes, there is a high chance the mixin will be accepted via a pull request.
+* Firefox 3.6+
+* Safari 4.0+
+* Chrome 4.0+
+* Opera 10+
+* IE 9+
+Bourbon does not intend to support IE filters.
+#Using Bourbon Mixins
Below are a few examples of mixin usage. Note that these are just a few, explore the repo to find out more.
The animation mixins support comma separated lists of values, which allows different transitions for individual properties to be described in a single style rule. Each value in the list corresponds to the value at that same position in the other properties.
@@ -344,7 +358,8 @@ The real power of the mixin is revealed when you pass in the optional color argu
##Help Out
-Currently the project is a work in progress. Feel free to help out.
+Currently the project is a work in progress. Feel free to help out.
+**Pull requests:** See *Browser Support* in this readme for more info

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