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Update app/assets/stylesheets/addons/_clearfix.scss

Added space to content, avoids an Opera bug that creates space around clearfixed elements if the contenteditable attribute is also present somewhere in the HTML.
Added * to zoom, for IE 6/7 only
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1 parent 6f7ee0f commit a0d325c2033f026b02d1b059b218f140f8974e5d @sebmor sebmor committed with Phil LaPier Nov 15, 2012
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@@ -12,11 +12,11 @@
// }
@mixin clearfix {
- zoom: 1;
+ zoom: *1;

teddyzetterlund Dec 3, 2012

Isn't *zoom: 1; more obvious as an IE-only hack?


plapier Dec 4, 2012


@teddyzetterlund You're right. Not sure why this was implemented wrong in the first place. I'll be pushing a fix for this soon. Nice catch.

Mixin is based off here for reference:


teddyzetterlund Dec 4, 2012

I wouldn't mind contributing to Bourbon since I'm using it in two projects I have under development and thinking about using it in a project at my full time work as well, but I the lack of activity in the issues and pull requests makes me hesitate.

Is there some other forum for talking about Bourbon?


plapier Dec 5, 2012


Currently the only forum for talking is github. I maintain the project and often times get busy throughout the week with client work at thoughtbot. Fridays are my Bourbon days—where i take a look at all pull requests / issues and respond to them based on priority. I am highly appreciative when community members are active by opening and responding to issues.

As for your hesitation with using Bourbon in a production environment, the project has reached a stable and mature state. We use it on all our client work at thoughtbot and in our own products, because of this we keep it under active development. So far I've gathered a list of companies using Bourbon in production. Based on the feedback, I know there are tons of other great companies using it as well.

It would be great to see you contribute to Bourbon. The only way it gets better is for people like you to use it in real projects to provide real feedback and pull requests.

Anywho, thanks for catching this!

&:after {
- content: "";
+ content: " ";
display: table;

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