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I have added a font-size mixin that will allow us to use rem values with a pixel fallback for lesser browsers.

I have also added music intervals to both the modular scale function and the font-size mixin to help designers work with other analogies they are comfortable with.

More on Music Intervals and Visual Design here

I have only added to the modular scale function. What was there remains untouched and I tried to follow those conventions.

kaishin commented Nov 2, 2012

I can think of the different use cases for this, but I'd say i's too specific compared to the other Bourbon mixins. We have plans to build a modular-scale mixin and we'd love to see this made into something more generic that can be used in more places than just font sizes.


I could remove the font-size mixin if you like. The music intervals have already been added to the pre-exsisting modular scale function. Is that more in tune, pardon the pun, with the goal set for bourbon?


New idea. What if I treat this like the prefixer addon? Call it something like _rem_modular_scale.scss so that we can pass any css value as an argument and get a pixel fallback?


Any new ideas from bourbon land on this? Would love to start a discussion of some modular geometry.

plapier commented Aug 1, 2013

We've added Scaling Variables to the library, which overlaps with much of the stuff in this Pull request. I think the variables are a much more elegant and flexible solution when combined with the modular-scale mixin. 5bdaa07

The mixin also now has double-stranded support: #175

The shortcut helper functions you've created are nice, but I think it may be too specific for Bourbon. I'd rather lean on the module-scale mixin that is flexible for many situations. I could see the helpers living in a separate Bourbon plugin though. Feel free to create a separate library. I'd like to get a collection of plugins/libraries in the wiki that work well with Bourbon.

I'm going to close this for now since I think the new modular scale functionality will do much of what you're looking for.

I'm open to your thoughts.

The new functionality will be available in the next version release (coming soon).

@plapier plapier closed this Aug 1, 2013

The those do pretty much what I wanted this request at least. :D

I have since developed some thoughts about music and web design but that requires a blog post and I would love to make a bourbon plugin to accompany that though.

Just need to get work to calm down. :P

Thanks for responding though.

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