@tysongach tysongach released this Dec 30, 2014

Assets 3
  • Added Bourbon’s version number to the main manifest partial (_bourbon.scss) for easy reference
  • Added a text-decoration mixin
  • Added a selection mixin
  • Fixed a bug in the background mixin when only passing a color
  • Fixed a bug in the hide-text mixin for non-English characters
  • Fixed ellipsis mixin to included word-wrap for IE8/9
  • Fixed a bug in the Flexbox mixin to output -ms-flex-pack: distribute; instead of -ms-flex-pack: center;
  • Flat style for the button add-on now accepts $padding and $text-size arguments
  • The font-face mixin now let’s you specify file formats, plus has WOFF2 support
  • The modular-scale function now let’s you set defaults
  • The hide-text add-on now accepts a height argument
  • The position mixin now supports the calc() CSS function
  • The size mixin now supports auto, inherit, initial values, unitless numbers, intrinsic sizing values and the calc() CSS function
  • The word-wrap mixin can now be reset to normal
  • Removed our prefixer function from border-radius shorthand mixin
  • Deprecated the button mixin
  • Deprecated the grid functions (flex-grid, flex-gutter, grid-width), which were moved to Neat
  • Deprecated the golden-ratio function (use the modular-scale function instead)

Bower Users:

We changed where Bower looks for Bourbon’s files. Instead of a dist directory, which was just a duplicate of the entire Bourbon library for Bower to use, we now point Bower to app/assets/stylesheets. You’ll need to update your bower.json manifest file to reflect this change.