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A lightweight Sass tool set.
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Bourbon Website and Documentation

This website is powered by Jekyll. Here’s how to get it working locally:

  1. Run the setup script:

  2. After setting up, you can run the application using foreman:

    foreman start

If you don't have foreman, see Foreman's install instructions. It is purposefully excluded from the project's Gemfile.

To pull in the latest changes on gh-pages branch:

git pull --rebase origin gh-pages

To update the Bourbon files:

bourbon update

This will delete the Bourbon directory and regenerate it. Of course, make sure your Bourbon gem is up-to-date: gem update bourbon.

Add a new mixin, function or add-on to the docs

  1. Create a new file in the _includes/mixins/ (or _includes/functions//_includes/addons/) directory:

    touch _includes/mixins/box-shadow.html
  2. Add the link to navigation.html

    edit _includes/navigation.html
  3. Add the partial to mixins.html

    edit _includes/mixins.html
  4. Add the mixin to the complete-list.html

    edit _includes/complete-list.html

For code highlighting in Jekyll:

{% highlight scss %}
insert code here
{% endhighlight %}

To generate or update the docset (for Dash), run:

rake docset

Since the update will go live to all users as soon as you push, make sure the generated docset displays correctly by un-archiving docset/bourbon.tgz and opening it in Dash.

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