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#include <QtWebKit>
class WebPage : public QWebPage {
WebPage(QObject *parent = 0);
QVariant invokeCapybaraFunction(const char *name, QStringList &arguments);
QVariant invokeCapybaraFunction(QString &name, QStringList &arguments);
QString failureString();
QString userAgentForUrl(const QUrl &url ) const;
void setUserAgent(QString userAgent);
bool render(const QString &fileName);
virtual bool extension (Extension extension, const ExtensionOption *option=0, ExtensionReturn *output=0);
public slots:
bool shouldInterruptJavaScript();
void injectJavascriptHelpers();
void loadStarted();
void loadFinished(bool);
bool isLoading() const;
void frameCreated(QWebFrame *);
virtual void javaScriptConsoleMessage(const QString &message, int lineNumber, const QString &sourceID);
virtual void javaScriptAlert(QWebFrame *frame, const QString &message);
virtual bool javaScriptConfirm(QWebFrame *frame, const QString &message);
virtual bool javaScriptPrompt(QWebFrame *frame, const QString &message, const QString &defaultValue, QString *result);
virtual QString chooseFile(QWebFrame * parentFrame, const QString &suggestedFile);
QString m_capybaraJavascript;
QString m_userAgent;
bool m_loading;
QString getLastAttachedFileName();
void loadJavascript();
void setUserStylesheet();
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