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#include "CurrentUrl.h"
#include "WebPage.h"
CurrentUrl::CurrentUrl(WebPage *page, QStringList &arguments, QObject *parent) : Command(page, arguments, parent) {
* This CurrentUrl command attempts to produce a current_url value consistent
* with that returned by the Selenium WebDriver Capybara driver.
* It does not currently return the correct value in the case of an iframe whose
* source URL results in a redirect because the loading of the iframe does not
* generate a history item. This is most likely a rare case and is consistent
* with the current behavior of the capybara-webkit driver.
* The following two values are *not* affected by Javascript pushState.
* QWebFrame->url()
* QWebHistoryItem.originalUrl()
* The following two values *are* affected by Javascript pushState.
* QWebFrame->requestedUrl()
* QWebHistoryItem.url()
* In the cases that we have access to both the QWebFrame values and the
* correct history item for that frame, we can compare the values and determine
* if a redirect occurred and if pushState was used. The table below describes
* the various combinations of URL values that are possible.
* O -> originally requested URL
* R -> URL after redirection
* P -> URL set by pushState
* * -> denotes the desired URL value from the frame
* frame history
* case url requestedUrl url originalUrl
* -----------------------------------------------------------------
* regular load O O* O O
* redirect w/o R* O R O
* pushState
* pushState O P* P O
* only
* redirect w/ R P* P O
* pushState
* Based on the above information, we only need to check for the case of a
* redirect w/o pushState, in which case QWebFrame->url() will have the correct
* current_url value. In all other cases QWebFrame->requestedUrl() is correct.
void CurrentUrl::start() {
QUrl humanUrl = wasRedirectedAndNotModifiedByJavascript() ?
page()->currentFrame()->url() : page()->currentFrame()->requestedUrl();
QByteArray encodedBytes = humanUrl.toEncoded();
QString urlString = QString(encodedBytes);
emit finished(new Response(true, urlString));
bool CurrentUrl::wasRegularLoad() {
return page()->currentFrame()->url() == page()->currentFrame()->requestedUrl();
bool CurrentUrl::wasRedirectedAndNotModifiedByJavascript() {
return !wasRegularLoad() && page()->currentFrame()->url() == page()->history()->currentItem().url();
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