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2012-02-01 Joe Ferris <>
* driver_spec.rb, Connection.cpp, Connection.h:
Try to detect when a command starts a page load and wait for it to finish
2012-01-27 Matthew Mongeau <>
* driver_spec.rb, capybara.js: Trigger mousedown and mouseup events
* driver_spec.rb, capybara.js: Simulate browser events more closely
2012-01-19 Marco Antonio <>
* node.rb, driver_spec.rb:
Raise ElementNotDisplayedError also for #drag_to and #select_option when they are invisible.
2012-01-18 Marco Antonio <>
* node.rb, driver_spec.rb:
Raise error when an invisible element receives #click so it resembles a browser more closely.
2012-01-15 Marc Schwieterman
* add imagemagick dependency to contributing guide
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