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New for 1.1.0:

  • Improve messages for ClickFailed errors to aid debugging.
  • Fix long load times on Ruby 2.0.0-p195.
  • Automatically save screenshots on ClickFailed errors.
  • Render a mouse pointer in screenshots for the current mouse location.
  • Silent debug messages from Qt.
  • Fix OS X keychain bug in Qt 5 related to basic authentication.
  • Fix issues visiting URLs with square brackets.
  • Fail immediately when trying to install with unsupported versions of Qt.
  • Fix race condition leading to InvalidResponseErrors.

New for 1.0.0:

  • Fix a memory leak in the logger.
  • Add Vagrant configuration.
  • Deprecate the stdout option for Connection.
  • Make Node#text work for svg elements.
  • Add Driver#version to print version info.
  • Click elements with native events.
  • Fix test failures from warnings.
  • Capybara 2.1 compatibility.
  • Implement right click.
  • Qt 5 compatibility.
  • Set text fields using native key events.
  • Clear localStorage on reset.

New for 0.14.1:

  • Rescue from Errno::ESRCH in the exit hook in case webkit_server has already ended.
  • Remove web font override for first-letter and first-line pseudo elements, which was causing issues for some users.
  • Restore viewport dimensions after rendering screenshots.

New for 0.14.0:

  • URL blacklist support.
  • Various fixes for JavaScript console messages.
  • Various compilation fixes.
  • Fix status code and headers commands for iframes.
  • Capybara 2.0 compatibility.
  • Driver#render replaced by Session#save_screenshot.
  • Driver#source and Driver#body return the HTML representation of the DOM. Unsupported content is returned as plain text.
  • HTML5 multi-file upload support.
  • Driver#url and Driver#requested_url removed.
  • JavaScipt console messages and alerts are now written to the logger instead of directly to stdout.
  • Dropped support for Qt 4.7.
  • Fix deadlocks encountered during page load.
  • Delete Response objects when commands have timed out.
  • Fix an infinite loop when invalid credentials are used for HTTP auth.
  • Ensure queued commands start only after pending commands have finished.
  • Fix segfaults related to web fonts on OS X.

New for 0.13.0:

  • Better detect page load success, and better handle load failures.
  • HTTP Basic Auth support.
  • within_window support.
  • More useful and detailed debugging output.
  • Catch up with recent capybara releases.
  • Ignore errors from canceled requests.
  • Follow how Selenium treats focus and blur form events.
  • Control JavaScript prompts from Ruby.
  • Each command has a configurable timeout.
  • Performance improvements on Linux.
  • Support empty multiple attributes.

New for 0.12.1:

  • Fix integration with newer capybara for the debugging driver.

New for 0.12.0:

  • Better windows support
  • Support for localStorage
  • Added support for oninput event
  • Added resize_window method
  • Server binds on LocalHost to prevent having to add firewall exceptions
  • Reuse NetworkAccessManager to prevent "too many open files" errors
  • Response messages are stored as QByteArray to prevent truncating content
  • Browser no longer tries to read empty responses (Fixes jruby issues).
  • Server will timeout if it can not start

New for 0.11.0:

  • Allow interaction with invisible elements
  • Use Timeout from stdlib since Capybara.timeout is being removed

New for 0.10.1:

  • LANG environment variable is set to en_US.UTF-8 in order to avoid string encoding issues from qmake.
  • pro, find_command, and CommandFactory are more structured.
  • Changed wiki link and directing platform specific issues to the google group.
  • Pass proper keycode value for keypress events.

New for 0.10.0:

  • current_url now more closely matches the behavior of Selenium
  • custom MAKE, QMAKE, and SPEC options can be set from the environment
  • BUG: Selected attribute is no longer removed when selecting/deselecting. Only the property is changed.

New for 0.9.0:

  • Raise an error when an invisible element receives #click.
  • Raise ElementNotDisplayedError for #drag_to and #select_option when element is invisible.
  • Trigger mousedown and mouseup events.
  • Model mouse events more closely to the browser.
  • Try to detech when a command starts a page load and wait for it to finish
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