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The console methods `console_messages` and `error_messages` each return
an array of messages.
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1 parent ce1b236 commit 3f011c26841fe5d1dffe7e12000f9231f99a8df8 @tricknotes tricknotes committed with jferris Dec 20, 2013
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@@ -91,14 +91,14 @@ console.log("hello")
# In Ruby:
-=> {:source=>"", :line_number=>1, :message=>"hello"}
+=> [{:source=>"", :line_number=>1, :message=>"hello"}]
**error_messages**: returns an array of Javascript errors that occurred
-=> {:source=>"", :line_number=>1, :message=>"SyntaxError: Parse error"}
+=> [{:source=>"", :line_number=>1, :message=>"SyntaxError: Parse error"}]
**alert_messages, confirm_messages, prompt_messages**: returns arrays of Javascript dialog messages for each dialog type

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