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Update NEWS for HEAD

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+New for HEAD:
+* URL blacklist support.
+* Various fixes for JavaScript console messages.
+* Various compilation fixes.
+* Fix status code and headers commands for iframes.
+* Capybara 2.0 compatibility.
+* Driver#render replaced by Session#save_screenshot.
+* Driver#source and Driver#body return the HTML representation of the DOM. Unsupported content is returned as plain text.
+* HTML5 multi-file upload support.
+* Driver#url and Driver#requested_url removed.
+* JavaScipt console messages and alerts are now written to the logger instead of directly to stdout.
+* Dropped support for Qt 4.7.
+* Fix deadlocks encountered during page load.
New for 0.13.0:
* Better detect page load success, and better handle load failures.
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