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Moved info about installing QT into the Wiki

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@@ -3,38 +3,13 @@ capybara-webkit
A [capybara]( driver that uses [WebKit]( via [QtWebKit](
-Dependent on Qt
+Dependency Qt
capybara-webkit depends on a WebKit implementation from Qt, a cross-platform
development toolkit. You'll need to download the Qt libraries to build and
-install the gem.
-OS X Lion 10.7:
-Install Qt via [homebrew]( (NOTE: can take more than an hour) using:
- brew install qt --build-from-source
-OS X < 10.7:
-Download the [non-debug Cocoa package]( (the smaller of the two downloads).
- apt-get install libqt4-dev
- yum install qt-webkit-devel
-Gentoo Linux:
- emerge x11-libs/qt-webkit
-Other Linux distributions:
-[Download this package](
+install the gem. You can find instructions for downloading and installing QT on
+the [capybara-webkit wiki](

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