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Commits on Jun 26, 2015
  1. @jferris

    Bump to 1.6.0

    jferris authored
  2. @jferris

    Introduce API for global configuration

    jferris authored
    Users were generally confused about where to configure things like
    allowed URLs. Because they were reset in between each sessions, they
    needed to be applied repeatedly in a before block.
    This introduces an API for global configuration, which will be applied
    for every session. It also deprecates the per-session configuration
    methods, as those are less likely to be useful.
Commits on Jun 5, 2015
  1. @jferris

    Attempt to handle crashes

    jferris authored
    * Restart server process after a command crashes the process
    * Inform the user where they can get help
Commits on May 22, 2015
  1. @jferris

    Deprecate methods on internal classes

    jferris authored
    We currently expose some functionality through internal classes,
    particularly going through `driver.browser`. With this change,
    everything except the public Capybara API and a few extensions on our
    `Driver` class becomes deprecated.
Commits on Apr 28, 2015
  1. @jferris

    Remove SocketDebugger and deprecate socket_class

    jferris authored
    * SocketDebugger is less useful than debug logging in the driver
    * SocketDebugger has been broken for several releases and is unused
    * The socket_class option was only used for injecting SocketDebugger
    This commit:
    * Removes the SocketDebugger class
    * Deprecates the socket_class option
Commits on Apr 13, 2015
  1. @rylwin @jferris

    Allow response header value to contain a colon

    rylwin authored jferris committed
    HTTP response header field values are allowed to contain separators
    (which includes the colon) as long as they appear within quotes
    ( This
    commit enables `Browser#response_headers` to handle a field value that
    contains a colon followed by a space (i.e., ": ") without breaking.
Commits on Apr 10, 2015
  1. @nritholtz @jferris

    Add ability to allow all unknown hosts

    nritholtz authored jferris committed
    Adds `page.driver.allow_unknown_hosts`.
Commits on Mar 27, 2015
  1. @mhoran

    Release capybara-webkit 1.5.0

    mhoran authored
  2. @mike-burns @mhoran

    Include the code that we need

    mike-burns authored mhoran committed
    - `cin` and `cout` require iostream.
    - `QT_VERSION` requires QtGlobal.
    - `QSocketNotifier` requires QSocketNotifier.
    - Unrelated to includes: let Qt figure out the spec.
    Found by Jeremy Evans on behalf of the OpenBSD project.
Commits on Jan 27, 2015
  1. @mhoran

    Release capybara-webkit 1.4.1

    mhoran authored
Commits on Jan 22, 2015
  1. @mhoran

    Release capybara-webkit 1.4.0

    mhoran authored
Commits on Dec 17, 2014
  1. @cstrahan @jferris

    Expose INCLUDEPATH and LIBS qmake variables

    cstrahan authored jferris committed
    This allows one to specify the include and lib paths for gl and zlib.
        gem install capybara-webkit -- \
          --with-gl-dir=/nix/store/1sw1cyny213ih9dpdsq8h2kwqaqcm6vp-mesa-10.2.9 \
    Fixes #695
Commits on Dec 5, 2014
  1. @jferris

    Introduce allowed, blocked URL filters

    jferris authored
    * Adds `allow_url`, `block_url`, and `block_unknown_url` methods.
    * Both allow_url and block_url accept wildcards.
    * Any requests to blocked URLs will be blocked immediately.
    * Blocked URLs take precedence over allowed URLs.
    * By default, any requests to localhost and are allowed.
    * By default, any requests to unknown hosts will print a warning.
    * `block_unknown_urls` causes unknown hosts to be silently blocked.
    * `blacklisted_urls=` is deprecated in favor of `block_url`.
Commits on Oct 22, 2014
  1. @mhoran

    Release capybara-webkit 1.3.1

    mhoran authored
Commits on Oct 21, 2014
  1. @achempion

    fix missed `browser_initialized?` method

    achempion authored
    Few weeks ago capybara introduced a new driver method that missed in our driver specification (jnicklas/capybara#1237). 
    After updating gems versions, I run tests and seen an exception: 
    `undefined method `browser_initialized?' for #<Capybara::Webkit::Driver:0xe9854a0>`
    We can resolve this and possible future updates just inherited from default web driver, for example, like it was implemented in poltergeist web driver (
Commits on Aug 18, 2014
  1. @mhoran

    Release capybara-webkit 1.3.0

    mhoran authored
    [ci skip]
Commits on Jul 18, 2014
  1. @mhoran

    Make Connection#read non-blocking

    mhoran authored
    * Ensure that Connection#read will not block Timeout::timeout for JRuby
Commits on Jul 17, 2014
  1. @mhoran

    Make Connection#gets non-blocking

    mhoran authored
    * JRuby Timeout::timeout blocks on IO#gets. IO.connect blocks as well
      unless running in its own thread.
  2. @mhoran

    Make FindModal synchronous

    mhoran authored
    * There's no need to poll for the modal when we have an event loop.
Commits on Jul 14, 2014
  1. @mhoran

    Add deprecation warnings to legacy window methods

    mhoran authored mhoran committed
    * Capybara 2.3 provides a new window API.
Commits on Jul 13, 2014
  1. @mhoran

    Add deprecation warnings to legacy modal methods

    mhoran authored
    * Our legacy API has been replaced by an upstream API in Capybara 2.4.
  2. @mhoran

    Implement modal (confirm, prompt and alert) API

    mhoran authored
    * Retain backwards compatibility with legacy capybara-webkit API.
    * Confirm dialogs are accepted by default; dialogs are dismissed.
    * Legacy API overrides the default action, and does not raise errors
      for unexpected modals.
  3. @mhoran

    Raise better errors if server fails to start

    mhoran authored
    * When WEBKIT_SERVER_START_TIMEOUT was reached, @port would get set to
      nil. If execution of the SERVER_PROCESS returned immediately, @port
      would get set to 0. This lead to odd cross-platform behavior in
      #connect, which would try to connect to a nonsense port.
Commits on Jul 2, 2014
  1. @mhoran

    Release capybara-webkit 2.1.0

    mhoran authored
    * Capybara 2.3 compatibility.
    * Kill webkit_server when parent process closes stdin.
  2. @mhoran

    Simplify shutdown logic for Connection

    mhoran authored mhoran committed
    * Use a QSocketNotifier listening to stdin to determine when the parent
      process has detached.
  3. @jferris @mhoran

    Update for Capybara 2.3.0

    jferris authored mhoran committed
    This adds support for the full Capybara 2.3.0 API. There are two known
    * Selenium supports outerWidth and outerHeight, which we cannot, because we
      dont' have an actual OS window.
    * Selenium raises errors after interacting with a closed window. We focus the
      next available window after closing.
    This commit adds the following:
    * Implement Driver#close_window
    * Implement Driver#current_window_handle
    * Implement Driver#maximize_window
    * Implement Driver#open_new_window
    * Implement Driver#no_such_window_error
    * Implement Driver#resize_window_to
    * Implement Driver#switch_to_window
    * Implement Driver#window_size
    * Implement Driver#go_back
    * Implement Driver#go_forward
    * Support change events when clearing a text input
    * Support setting contentEditable elements
    * Support window.close() in JavaScript
    * Don't return text from hidden elements
    * Skip Capybara specs which use outerWidth, outerHeight
    * Don't use Qt object ownership to manage windows
Commits on Jan 28, 2014
  1. @rupurt

    Fix killing webkit_server on JRuby

    rupurt authored
    Connection now waits until webkit_server has started to
    discover the pid.
Commits on Jan 9, 2014
  1. @mperham @jferris

    Make stdout deprecation warning more specific

    mperham authored jferris committed
    In a Rails application with a large number of dependencies, it's hard to
    know which library is emitting a warning. This adds "capybara-webkit" to
    the deprecation warning.
    Resolves #607.
Commits on Dec 25, 2013
  1. @mhoran

    Release capybara-webkit 1.1.1

    mhoran authored
    * Merry Christmas!
Commits on Dec 6, 2013
  1. @jferris
  2. @eagletmt @jferris

    Check node index atomically to prevent race condition

    eagletmt authored jferris committed
    Fixes Capybara::Webkit::InvalidResponseError when nodes are missing.
Commits on Nov 10, 2013
  1. @jferris

    Rewrite qInstallMsgHandler test in C++

    jferris authored
    * Allows tests independent of debug settings for Qt
    * Allows testing behavior unreachable from Ruby
Commits on Aug 11, 2013
  1. @JonRowe
Commits on Jul 15, 2013
  1. @pivotal-cloudplanner
Commits on May 22, 2013
  1. @mhoran

    Release capybara-webkit 1.0.0

    mhoran authored
    Fixes #505.
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