Two webkit_server processes are spawned under Ruby 1.9 #137

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trevorsmith commented Aug 19, 2011

The recent changes merged from #132 and #136 cause two webkit_server processes to be spawned under Ruby 1.9. Also, the process spawned by IO.popen is never killed.

server_pipe_and_pid is calling both IO.popen and Process.spawn. I'd suggest removing Process.spawn altogether, unless there are compelling reasons to use it on 1.9 and fallback to IO.popen on 1.8.


mike-burns commented Aug 19, 2011

@FooBarWidget, @trevorsmith - I honestly don't know enough about the internals of IO.popen and Process.spawn, nor the history of 1.8 and 1.9, to know which of these solutions.

@FooBarWidget, is there a compelling reason to use Process.spawn instead of IO.popen?

@trevorsmith, you are correct about the double-spawn and that was my mistake.


FooBarWidget commented Aug 19, 2011

I just researched it. IO.popen does what we want on both 1.8 and 1.9. I fixed this in #138


mike-burns commented Aug 22, 2011

Thanks for looking into this Trevor and Hongli Lai.

mike-burns closed this Aug 22, 2011

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