Iframes and javascript errors with capybara webkit #349

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Hi there,

I have found a weird issue where if a page within an iframe has a javascript error capybara-webkit interprets the page to be the contents of the iframe rather than the actual page which contains the iframe.

I have recently came from using selenium-webdriver where all the tests ran fine but with capybara webkit i have this issue so it must be specific to capybara-webkit.

I found this by outputting page.html into the console.


As far as I know this is a symptom of the way that capybara-webkit performs user actions through javascript and can't be changed. When you have to perform actions inside of an iframe the javascript context must be that of the iframe, and can no longer access the page that it's contained within. AFAIK: Not fixable.

thoughtbot, inc. member

Can you put together a test to reproduce this?


I'm closing this issue due to the long time of inactivity. Please re-open it if you're still experiencing these issues using the latest version of capybara-webkit.

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