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placeholder attribute on <input> causes NoResponseError #489

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I'm getting a NoResponseError which I've narrowed down to being triggered by an HTML5 placeholder attribute on an input element.

running just the spec in question:

rspec spec/features/wishlists_page_spec.rb

i get this error:

     Failure/Error: visit '/mylists'
       No response received from the server.

the contents of wishlists_page_spec.rb can be as simple as this:

require 'spec_helper'

feature "wishlist page", :js => true do
    before :each do
        visit '/mylists'

    it "has promo header text" do
        true.should be_true

the view that /mylists loads to the page will include the code referenced below.

this fails:

<input type='text' id='nameYourList' name='nameYourList' class='nameYourList' placeholder='Name your Gift List'>

and simply removing the placeholder results in no error and my test passes:

<input type='text' id='nameYourList' name='nameYourList' class='nameYourList'>

i'm using capybara-webkit (0.14.2) and capybara (2.0.2) within rails (3.2.11)


Could you tell us a bit more about your environment? Are you experiencing this issue on Mac Linux, or Windows? What version of Qt do you have installed? Was that version of Qt installed from official sources (the Qt website), OS distribution (apt-get on Debian, yum on Red Hat), or compiled from source (Homebrew on OS X)?

Does this line alone, with no other content or CSS, cause the failure? Try to extract the failing example to a single page in your public directory to rule out anything else.

Do all tests after this also fail, or does only this single test fail?


Hi @mhoran, I'll gladly provide the requested details:

I'm running:

  • Mac OS X 10.6.8
  • QMake version 2.01a
    • Using Qt version 4.7.0 in /Library/Frameworks (which I believe I installed through Homebrew.)

Trying the failing example with a basic HTML doc and just the w/ placeholder attribute on a single page in my public directory passes. I then tried to replicate all the styles and markup of the failing page in the full app, and the test still passed.

When running the real spec (and not the contrived one) that single test would fail; everything afterwards in the same spec passes as expected.

So obviously something else is amiss. I'm going to try and further narrow it down, as this is preventing me from testing a large feature of an app for work.

Thanks for your help, and I'll post anything new as it develops.


@dguzzo, any luck tracking this issue down?


@mhoran thanks for checking in; i've been quite busy lately, but I'm going to take another stab at this bug tomorrow or the next day.

since the suggested contrived static+public file worked fine, i think i'm going to try the real-world example (non-prod-ready proprietary app) again, but this time nuke all the styles to see if any CSS might be affecting capybara-webkit in a weird way. if not, i may start doing some bisection debugging on other aspects of the page to see what could possibly be interacting with this dang placeholder attribute.


@mhoran welp, after tearing my app apart (a non-trivial task) for 1.5 hours, I discovered that a file css3-mediaqueries.js was the culprit; if i no longer include that file, the test passes regardless of the input's placeholder attribute. i wasn't really using that file anyway (which is hacky in its own right), so I'm going to consider this a non-issue for me, and likely not even worth tracking down on your end. but i'll leave that up to you.

cheers, and thanks for the help.

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