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JQuery UI 'Combobox' not supported #98

lunks opened this Issue Jul 4, 2011 · 7 comments

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lunks commented Jul 4, 2011

Using this example code:

And this capybara helper:

  def autocomplete(locator, options = {})
    scope = "//label[text()='#{locator}']/parent::div"
    within :xpath, scope do
      text_input = find(:xpath, "input")
      text_input.set options[:with]
    within 'li.ui-menu-item' do

This raises an error stating it 'can't find an li.ui-menu-item'. This works on Webdriver.

You can use autocomplete as you would use capybara's fill_in.

plentz commented Jul 5, 2011

+1 (as long we don't have a "watch" button :)


Any thoughts?


I'm currently struggling to get capybara-webkit to work with a jQuery autocomplete and wonder if it's the same issue.

plentz commented Oct 24, 2011

yup, it probably is, since combobox is under the "autocomplete umbrella"

thoughtbot, inc. member
jferris commented Jul 11, 2012

Can you guys try this again with the latest master? We released some fixes that may help suport jquery-ui better.

thoughtbot, inc. member

Can someone confirm if this is still an issue in the latest version of capybara-webkit?

Could this be related or a duplicate of #50?

thoughtbot, inc. member

I'll close this issue due to inactivity. Please re-open it if you're still experiencing these issues.

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