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Hi all,

this fixes Windows compilation by skipping LANG settings before calling make.
The relevant fixes are in lib/capybara_webkit_builder.rb.

all specs green on Windows Vista 32Bit and Ruby 1.9.3-p0.



On my configuration (Windows XP 32bit, ruby 1.9.2, rails 3.2.2 - more details here: #188 (comment)), using commit f8cd499, Capybara-webkit can be installed and works well.

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@morenocarullo can you submit a pull request that contains only the fixes you'd like merged on their own branch? We'd also prefer branches without merge commits, since we have to clean those out ourselves anyway.

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This diff is tricky to read since there are also some style changes but in summary:

  • nokogiri was changed from 1.5.0 to 1.5.0-x86-mingw32
  • RUBY_PLATFORM was changed to RbConfig::CONFIG['host_os']
  • The capybara_webkit_builder.rb sets the LANG env variable only for non-mingw32

Is the Gemfile.lock change appropriate?

Is RUBY_PLATFORM incorrect? Why RbConfig?

Is the underlying issue that environment variables cannot be passed like that? Is there a uniform way to set env vars across platform?


Gemfile.lock change is ok, it should add the windows version so on unix the standard version is used.

The RUBY_PLATFORM was change to RbConfig since it is better for JRuby integration, see a previous commit where all RUBY_PLATFORM were change to RbConfig. Feel free to change it otherwise, it works with both methods on MRI/Windows.

On Windows the 'subshell' is not as smart as on unix, so you cannot pass env vars that way.

baconpat and others added some commits Mar 22, 2012
@baconpat baconpat Rather than creating a new NetworkAccessManager when the page is reset,
reuse the existing manager and just clear its headers and cookies.

This avoids repeatedly setting up the SIGNAL/SLOT callback stuff which
is leading to unclosed pipes on Ubuntu, eventually causing "too many
open files" errors in large test suites.
@tomlea tomlea Add a resize_window method to the driver.
Allow users to resize the webkit viewport via
Capybara::Driver::Webkit#resize_window(width, height).

This can be called before or after page load, and fires resize events as expected.
@tomlea tomlea Set the window to the default size on #reset!
This should prevent state leakage between test cases.
@jferris jferris Document unofficial driver methods 7361822
thoughtbot, inc. member

@morenocarullo Whenever I get a chance, I'll look through the diff again to try and figure out what the actual changes are to pull in. However, you can make this much faster by:

  • Creating a new remote branch in your repository
  • Adding a single commit with just the changes you want
  • Not including indentation or other formatting changes
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