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Reporting Crashes

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The following problems generally mean that webkit_server has crashed:

  • WebkitNoResponseError
  • QCoreApplication::postEvent: Unexpected null receiver
  • All tests fail after a given test
  • WebkitInvalidResponseError with "Invalid command"
  • Errno::EADDRNOTAVAIL: Can't assign requested address

Please include a debug log and all versions in use when reporting a crash.

Debug Log

If you encounter one of these errors, please set your driver to to :webkit_debug and attach all output from your test to the issue. Without this output, we can't do much to fix your issue.

Capybara.javascript_driver = :webkit_debug


If you're using Qt 4, your crash may be fixed by updating to Qt 5. The latest 4.x release was several years ago, and many bugs have been fixed since then. Please update to Qt 5 before reporting any issues to the capybara-webkit team.

You can see which versions you're running by running the following in a Capybara session:

puts page.driver.version

Please include the relevant versions when reporting a crash.

Crash Log

If you happen to be using a mac, your mac console may reveal interesting things if the problems that you are running into have caused thread crashes. You can access this on your mac within the /Applications/Utilities folder as the application "Console". Clear the console display and attempt to reproduce the problem. If your problem is causing threads to crash you should see a crash report within the "User Diagnostic Reports" section in the left hand nav bar after reproducing the problem.

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