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bac9f28 Jan 10, 2016
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require "clearance"
require "rails"
module Clearance
# Makes Clearance behavior available to Rails apps on initialization. By using
# a Rails Engine rather than a Railtie, Clearance can automatically expose its
# own routes and views to the hosting application.
# Requiring `clearance` (likely by having it in your `Gemfile`) will
# automatically require the engine. You can opt-out of Clearance's internal
# routes by using {Configuration#routes=}. You can override the Clearance
# views by running `rails generate clearance:views`.
# In addition to providing routes and views, the Clearance engine:
# * Ensures `password` and `token` parameters are filtered out of Rails logs.
# * Mounts the {RackSession} middleware in the appropriate location
# * Reloads classes referenced in your {Configuration} on every request in
# development mode.
class Engine < Rails::Engine
initializer "clearance.filter" do |app|
app.config.filter_parameters += [:password, :token]
config.to_prepare do
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