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keeping the CHANGELOG up to date

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+0.13.0 (unreleased)
+* [#170] In Clearance's optional generated features, use pure Capybara instead of depending on Cucumber's removed web_steps, paths, and selectors. (Dan Croak)
+* [#167] Extract SHA-1-specific code out of `User` into `PasswordStrategies` module. (Vladimir Andrijevik)
+* [#164] Extract sign in form so that other methods can be added easily. (Subhash Chandra)
+* [#165] Test against Rails 3.1. (Dan Croak) Required upgrades to Diesel and Appraisal. (Dan Croak, Mike Burns, Chad Pytel)
+* [#160] Improved README documentation for overrides. (Dan Croak)
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