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@@ -9,9 +9,9 @@ Rails authentication & authorization with email & password.
Clearance was extracted out of [Airbrake](
It is intended to be small, simple, well-tested, and easy to override defaults.
-Use [Github Issues]( for help.
+Use [Github Issues](/thoughtbot/clearance/issues) for help.
-Read []( to contribute.
+Read [](/thoughtbot/clearance/blob/master/ to contribute.
@@ -39,11 +39,9 @@ The generator:
Then, follow the instructions output from the generator.
-Use the [0.8.x](
-series of Clearance if you have a Rails 2 app.
+Use the [0.8.x](/thoughtbot/clearance/tree/v0.8.8) series for Rails 2 apps.
-Use version [0.16.3](
-for Ruby 1.8.7.
+Use [0.16.3]( for Ruby 1.8.7.
@@ -208,7 +206,7 @@ There is a shortcut to copy all Clearance views into your app:
Overriding the model
-See [lib/clearance/user.rb](
+See [lib/clearance/user.rb](/thoughtbot/clearance/tree/master/lib/clearance/user.rb)
for the default behavior.
To override the model, redefine public methods:
@@ -253,11 +251,11 @@ Switching password strategies may cause your existing users to not be able to si
If you have an existing app that used the old `SHA1` strategy and you
want to stay with SHA1, use
If you have an existing app that used the old `SHA1` strategy and you
want to switch to BCrypt transparently, use
The SHA1 and Blowfish password strategies require an additional `salt` column in
the `users` table. Run this migration before switching to SHA or Blowfish:
@@ -365,8 +363,7 @@ Credits
Clearance is maintained by [thoughtbot, inc](
-and [contributors]( like
-you. Thank you!
+and [contributors](/thoughtbot/clearance/contributors) like you. Thank you!

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